How to Optimize Google My Business Profile - 2021

I visit various Facebook groups bringing together thousands of people from all over the world who are active in local packs. Every now and then I come across posts like: What do I need to do to increase the visibility of my comp...
How to Optimize Google My Business Profile - 2021

I visit various Facebook groups bringing together thousands of people from all over the world who are active in local packs.

Every now and then I come across posts like:

  • 'What do I need to do to increase the visibility of my company's profile in Google?'
  • 'I've done everything some article told me to do, but my local rankings are still stagnant'.

To find the answer to the above questions, first, you need to do one very important thing. This would be a thorough and deep analysis of your company profile and your competitors. Then you can compare the results, draw conclusions and use them to optimize your company profile.

You won't get this from any blog post, nor will anyone do it for free on these groups. I'm afraid you won't get substantive answers, only tips such as:

  • get reviews (ok, but how many?)
  • add photos (but still, if I already have 50 of them?) 
  • add a description of the company (ok, but should I pay attention to something when creating it?)

Confusing, right?

So how do you use Surfer Local to climb to the top of your local results? Optimizing only the elements that actually need it and not wasting time on actions that are unnecessary? You're about to find out!

First, add your business to Surfer Local

add your company in Surfer Local
Add Google My Business profiles to Surfer Local

You won't make an action plan for something that's not there. So the first step after logging in is to add your business profile to Surfer Local. Simply click the "add place" button and add your business. 

You can either import it from your Google account or manually enter your business name as it appears in your Google My Business profile.

Choose the perfect keyword with Surfer Local

At this point, you need to decide what keyword you want your business to be displayed for in local packages. Before you start typing in a phrase, answer some questions: 

  • Is that keyword typed by potential customers who want your services?
  • Is it frequently searched for on a monthly basis by these people?
  • Does it show up in search results in a local pack with your competitors?

If you are already sure that your main keyword is, for example, dentist new york - start typing it in Surfer Local.

If you complete the field in your keyword, we will analyze it for you and tell you:

  • Is it typed by users and how often per month
  • Whether there are other similar keywords and how often they are searched for on a monthly basis

check which keywords are being searched for
Find similar keywords in Surfer Local

See, that's how you learned that users, yet, are more likely to type dental new york city than dentist new york.

What should you do at this point? First of all, choose a keyword that best fits your business and is most frequently searched for.

In this example, you should switch to a keyword that is equally relevant but more often searched - such as dental new york city.

Now start analyzing your company's position

Just click "Create Query" and you're done. Surfer Local will automatically analyze your company's position at multiple points around your business and set the perfect grid size to monitor your company's position.

set up a map

Check company positions and find quick wins in regions important to you

Now you should see a grid with the positions of your company in different regions.

company google visibility report on the grid

What can you do at this point?  
You can: 

  • analyze the position of your company in different regions 
  • filter the map according to the position of your company and the competitiveness of the area 
  • switch quickly between grids
  • share the position report
  • compare the current grid with the previous ones
  • check the weak points of your competitors (such as the lack of telephone number, verified owner, etc.)

company google visibility report on the grid
Guidelines for the analyzed GMB profile

You can also generate a ready-to-use action plan for your company. That will save you a least a few hours you'd have to spend on manual competitive analysis. 

Simply click Create Audit.

Then you can attack the best area for your business at the moment and record the most growth possible in the shortest amount of time! 

Of course, you can also hover over a specific pin on the map to generate an audit for that specific location.

Optimize your Google My Business profile with Surfer guidelines

If you clicked Create Audit, you should see a ready-made action Google plan for your business. It will tell you what else you need to do to optimize your Google My Business profile and increase your business' position in local results.

In the audit, you will find analyses such as Title, Description, Categories, Posts, Images, and much more. Sample GMB Audit can be found here: Open Sample GMB Audit

So let's get down to optimizing your business profile with Surfer Local!

Business Title

This is nothing more than the name that displays at the top of your business profile in Google My Business. At this point, you should know 3 key things:

  • Name is a very strong ranking factor
  • Keyword stuffing can cause your business profile to be suspended
  • It is imperative that you include your brand in this section

How does Surfer Local help you out here? 

company title optimization in google
Title length analysis

Surfer Local will tell you how long your title should be so that it is not short, but also too long compared to your competitors. If there is something wrong with your title, you will get a comment here. 

company title optimization in google
Prominent terms analysis

You will also get a complete list of words sorted by ranking influence. You should include them in your title in addition to your brand (just don't exceed the appropriate title length). Remember to include only those words that match your business.

company title optimization in google
Creating Optimal Title for GMB Profile

Additionally, below the suggested words you can create your title. Then, check if the freshly written one is of optimal length and contains all the necessary words that fit your business. If you already have a ready-made title, copy it and replace it in your business profile in the Google My Business panel.

Now you probably want to ask, why am I making you add keywords when I wrote above that we can get suspended for doing so?

Remember, Surfer Local will never tell you to add keywords if:  

  • your competitors aren't using them
  • they aren't affecting rankings
  • competitors have been blocked by them

Smart, right?

Business description

company description optimization in google
Guidelines & Creating Optimal Business Description for Google My Business

The whole process here is the same as in the title. Just prepare an optimal description for your business in Google, using words that are relevant in descriptions for this industry. Then paste it into your profile in Google My Business panel and let it work in your favor! That's it ;) 


Google My Business posts have incredible value, especially when they're published a minimum of once a week. Their content should be optimal, meaning aligned with Google's algorithms and answering the users' question. 

optimization of your company's google entries
Guidelines for creating optimal posts on Google My Business

So how do you create optimal posts with Surfer Local?

It's easy. Find the Posts section in your audit and start creating a post right away. Include the words that Surfer Local suggests in the content (if they match your business). Once you've created an optimal post, simply copy it to your business profile on Google, publish it, and let it benefit your business on Google right away.

Don't worry if you don't include all the high value words. You can come back to this audit in, let's say, 5 days and create another post using other important words that you didn't cover in the previous post.

Creating optimized posts has never been so easy!

Business category 

There are two analyses in the business category section - the main category analysis and the additional categories.

Main Category

company category optimization on google
Main category analysis

In this analysis, Surfer Local will check to see if you have selected the correct category for your main category. If yes - great! If not, it will let you know and tell you what main category you should replace it with.

Additional categories

optimization of additional company categories on google
Additional categories analysis

You will find them below the main category analysis. In this analysis, Surfer Local carefully reviews all your competitors' additional categories and assigns values to them.  Finally, it presents them to you in a series from the most important, having the greatest impact on ranking to the least significant.

Remember to only include additional categories in your company profile that fit your company and the services it offers.

Images analysis

google optimization of company images
Images count analysis

With this analysis, you get ready-made information on how much more images you should add to your Google business profile. This way, you achieve the optimal number in relation to your competitors. 

Don't have enough photos? Take a few and add them to your company profile. 

Reviews Analysis

This section is 100% dedicated to the reviews you can get from your customers.

There are 3 analyzes here:

  • Number of reviews
  • Average rating
  • Words in reviews that affect ranking

Review number analysis 

optimization of the company's google reputation
Reviews count analysis

In this section, we thoroughly analyze how many reviews your key competitors have. Then, we can let you know whether there are enough reviews in your Google business profile, and - if not - how much more you need.

Average rating analysis

optimization of the company's google reputation
Rating analysis

Here we analyze the average rating that your competitors have. This way you know whether the quality of your services is at the right level, so you know by how much you should increase the average rating of your company.

Distinctive words analysis

optimization of the company's google reputation
Important words to include in GMB reviews

That' s a very demanding analysis that you are practically unable to do manually in less than a few hours. We screen your top competitors, then pull the most prominent and keyword-matched reviews to finally extract the best from them - the words that placement in reviews affects your company's ranking in Google and the posted review itself.

How do you put this into practice?

You can send your customers an email asking them to leave feedback, hang a card on the door encouraging them to do so, throw it in as a flyer, or simply ask the customer to do so. 

Or maybe you use a special program to solicit feedback.

And now imagine that you have a section in your email: Customers About Us, where you put the words listed in Surfer Local.

What happens then?

Your customer, leaving an opinion about your company, will pay attention to these words and, willingly or not, put some of them in the review. That will make the opinion not only more extended, but also the words put will make it several times stronger than a basic opinion saying "great", "I recommend", etc.

Show details

optimization of the company's google reputation
Show details - Possibility to check each competitor separately

This is a feature for more analytical users who want to explore their competitors in even more depth. 

For example, you can check each competitor separately, their number of reviews, and also investigate what the trend is.

What results can you expect?

I'm sure that if you use the knowledge gained in this material well and create an audit that will let you optimize your company's Google profile, you can achieve the same results as other people who have been using Surfer Local for a long time. See what they're up to 👇

#1 - From 20+ positions to TOP 2 in 3 days 


google company profile visibility report
Click and see in the app


google company profile visibility report
Click and see in the app

#2 - From a position below 20 to even TOP 1 in 10 days


google company profile visibility report
Click and see in the app


google company profile visibility report
Click and see in the app

Sample Surfer Local Audit

Sample GMB Audit can be found here: Open Sample GMB Audit


Google My Business Audit Tool

Local Rank Tracker & Checker


I'm sure this material has given you an even better understanding of Surfer Local and its capabilities. 

I'm curious to know if you've succeeded or are yet to succeed in optimizing your company's profile and increasing your rankings thanks to this material. 

Let me know if this has been indeed achieved and contact me through the Surfer Local chat. Be sure to send screenshots before and after optimization! See you soon!

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